DC Motors


Battery powered, wire free motor which offers easy-to-fit motorization for small and medium roller blind applications. Lithium powered with rechargeable battery and solar power options is available.

Battery operated motor

  • Powered with lithium batteries (ideally), batteries, solar pack or power supply.

Compatible with modulis functions “my“ favorite

  • Move your blind in one click to your favorite position.

Wire free

  • For quicker installation with no disruption to home decor.

Sonesse® 30 RTS

Quiet DC motorization for small blinds, dedicated to interior applications.

Simple, Effortless and Comfort

  • Quiet operation
  • Compatible with all RTS handsets and timers
  • Move blind in one click to your favorite “my” position

Access to RTS product range for more benefits

  • Compatible with Telis Modulis
  • Compatible with Solar protection functions

Protect your blind

  • Soft stop and soft start to protect the fabric

Discreet integration and home harmony

  • White and thin round head for discreet blending